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Women's Tantric Massage in Nottingham

A womans tantric massage is essentially the same as its male equivalent — a sensuous form of massage that targets the sensitive zones of the body to heighten arousal and awaken internal energy. In a tantric massage, the masseuse uses her masterful hands and luscious curves to stimulate the body, moving and building up energy and ultimately delivering a spiritual release. The only difference is that a women-only tantric massage is a tantric massage performed by women, for women

Masseuses who specialise in women’s tantric massages are conjurers of feminine sensuality. Their intimate knowledge of the female body, allows them to expertly navigate the pleasure points, and sensitive zones. Beneath their hands and body, you will melt away into unimaginable pleasure and excitement. The combination of your own female body connects with that of the masseuse to create an intense and overwhelmingly powerful feminine energy that resonates on both a physical and spiritual level.

Ladies, this is only for you! Close your eyes and disconnect from the outside world.

Women who want to explore their body knowledge, pleasure sensations, or even to unlock barriers to their sensuality, body and pleasure.

It’s natural to feel a little bit nervous about your first Yoni Tantric Massage. Our masseuses trained to relax you, helping you forget all the stress and fantasies. Regardless of your size, shape, nationality or any other thing that comes to your mind, our masseuses will.

What to expect from the Yoni Tantric Massage

In the beginning, you will connect with your masseuse of your choice when you feel ready, the masseuse will guide you to lie on your front and feel the pleasure of warm oil on your back in combination with masseuse’s magical hands.