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4 HAnds Massage in Nottingham

Sometimes 2 hands are not enough, so there is the opportunity to spoil yourself with a 4 handed massage. It is, just as it sounds – 2 masseuses, 4 hands and a totally incredible experience. With 4 hands caressing your body, each masseuse focuses on a different part of your body. As you can imagine it is sheer bliss and something one should definitely consider if never tried before. Two talented and professional masseuses’ will do a massage form of your choice and work together to relieve any of your known or subconscious stresses that you may have.

The warm, healing hands of the masseuses’ taking part in this 4 handed massage experience will slowing massage each your tired body, exploring every muscle. From your head to your toes, each therapist will start either end of your body, coming together in the middle to fulfil every sensual desire you have ever had.

Having 2 girls rubbing massage oils into your body is literally magical. This is not totally proven but when you have 4 hands touching your body at once, your mind has a very different reaction and the enjoyment goes to an entirely different level. The role of the massage therapist is to bring a new energy that hasn’t been experienced before and certainly not from a standard massage. It is a breathtaking massage that helps to invigorate the soul and an endless, repeating pleasure.

The tension you may have felt previously will disappear and there will be a sense of euphoria, slowly filling your body to a state of ecstasy. Why settle for 2 hands when you can have 4? Be taken to the next level…