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Tantric Massage in Nottingham

Tantric massage has been practiced for centuries as a mean of awakening our primal energy leading to profoundly intense spiritual sexual experiences.

The modern adaption of this ancient technique may also lead to such experiences but it is more likely you will firstly enter a state of deep relaxation as your masseuse expertly uses her hands to guide you on a sensual journey of letting go and surrendering. Modern life tends to place a great deal of expectation and demand on us through our work, relationships and sex but during a tantric session all you have to do is simply relax, receive and enjoy. As there is nothing for you to prove and nothing for you to do, this process of surrender can lead to heightened awareness of sensation as you allow yourself to be fully immersed in the simple experience of pleasure.

As with all our tantric massages in Nottingham, we do out utmost to ensure we create the most conductive ambiance so your massage will be performed in a dimly lit room with soft light or glowing candles, and gentle music enabling you to feel relaxed and transported to a different time and space outside your usual reality.

The tantric massage session begins like a normal massage using feathers and long deep strokes to relax your body and bring your mind inwards. During a tantric massage both yourself and your masseuse will be naked allowing for a more erotic and intimate experience. As the session progresses, your therapist will expertly excite and relax your levels of pleasure, bringing you to the point of release and back again several times over. This enables the sensual energy to slowly build intensity before finally allowing a truly overwhelming and spine tingling finale.