Nuru Massage in Nottingham.

Nuru massage at hush massage Nottingham is a sensual experience that involves nude body to body contact. This erotic massage technique first became popular in Japan in the 1950s, and is now a premium relaxation treatment. The massage combines flowing strokes, arousing stimulation, and gliding and sliding friction that is enhanced by the application of luxurious super slippery Nuru gel. Your professional and highly experienced masseuse will skillfully use her entire body to awaken your senses and to intensify your sensual sensations and satisfaction.

If you have already enjoyed the benefits of our tantric massage, you can take your intimate pleasure to the next level with a hush nuru massage experience. The massage technique can improve your sexual health and boost your libido. The tantalising orgasmic delights of the Orient are available with any of our hush ladies. The experience begins with a shower or hot towel ritual, before you get comfortable on our nuru bed that is covered with a protective heated waterproof sheet. Your masseuse will apply pre-warmed Nuru gel all over your wet skin, and her body.

Odourless, water-based Nuru gel is a thick, concentrated formula that contains natural seaweed, aloe vera and grapeseed extract. The clear, non-greasy gel is deeply nourishing and moisturising, and makes skin feel revitalised. Its satiny formulation is perfect for body to body massage and pleasurable full body stimulation. Straddling you, your masseuse will rhythmically glide and slide her body over yours, increasing friction and stimulation using her breasts, buttocks, thighs, and groin. The sensuous and slippery skin-on-skin contact is guaranteed to elevate your arousal and pleasure.

In Japan, Nuru massage was originally used to arouse gentlemen to orgasmic release, as an alternative to relying on explicit prostitution, which was illegal. Nuru massages at hush every part of the body is cherished and caressed. The soft and sensual strokes heighten sensitivity like you have never experienced before. Women appreciate the sensation of intimate touch in a spiritual way that stimulates the mind, body and spirit, whilst enjoying a feeling of unforgettable bliss. Men tend to find that the sensuous erotic experience is simultaneously highly relaxing and sexually invigorating.

Our exclusive premium massage service offers a pleasurable anti-stress alternative to medication and other forms of stress relief. As with other types of therapeutic massage, Nuru massage also provides multiple healing benefit.

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